My physical and spiritual journey in life….

Welcome to my official website. I want to thank and honour Creator first and foremost for all that I have received in life, both good and bad. It was through these trials and tribulations that I was able to come to know myself and most of all got to know my higher power, the Creator. Everything and everyone is put on your your path for a reason; it will serve a purpose if “you” allow yourself to learn from it all.

My philosophy in life is “Life is what you make it, if you can dream you can build it.” This journey we call life is about growing and evolving as spiritual beings housed in these human beings. Creator just wants all of us to become who Creator created us to be. In order for that to happen we must first go within; listen to the silence to know thy self. That begins by looking at your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual being so that you may find purpose, balance & harmony in life.

Creator has blessed me with life experiences that made me who I am today. That includes all the trials and tribulations that I have come to understand were actually blessings in disguise. One thing that I have learnt is that life is truly short, sacred and truly worth living. You only live once, so live it well & live it right. No fear, no regrets, just love!! Be able to say each day, “I LIVED TODAY!”

Be good to yourself and others. Treat your fellow human being with love, kindness and compassion. No human being has the right to hurt another human being, Creators Law. Please enjoy a glimpse of my life’s journey. Creator bless;)